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Age_Test - superclass: helper; super-superclass:node - 10:0 - classID: #(1962490881, 515064320)


Age_Test lets the particle system check whether a specific amount of time has passed since the start of the animation or the current event, or whether particles have reached a certain age, and branch accordingly.




.Condition_Type Integer default: 1 -- radio button number

Get/Set the index of the Age Test Condition drop-down list.

0: Absolute Age - Tests the current frame number in the animation.

1: Particle Age - Tests the current age of each particle in frames. This is the default test type.

2: Event Age - Tests the current duration of the current event in frames.

.Random_Seed Integer default: 12345 -- integer

Specifies the randomization value.

.Subframe_Sampling BooleanClass default: true -- boolean

Get/Set the state of the Subframe Sampling checkbox. Setting it to true helps avoid particle "puffing" when passing particles to the next event by testing the time at a much higher subframe resolution rather than using the relatively coarse frame resolution

.Test_Type Integer default: 1 -- integer


.Test_Value Integer default: 4800 -- integer

Get/Set the Test Value. Specifies the ticks number, particle age (in ticks), or event duration (in ticks) to test for.


The Test Value in the UI is shown in frames.

.Variation Integer default: 800 -- integer

Get/Set the Variation. Defines the time in ticks by which the value tested for can vary randomly

Age_Test Interfaces:

The following Interfaces are exposed by the Age_Test Class:

Interface: action

Interface: test

Interface: PViewItem

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