CV_Curve : Shape

CV_Curves are NURBS curve objects defined by CVs (control vertices). All NURBS objects are created through the special NURBS descriptor classes (see Working with NURBS) and the CV_Curve class is used typically in object class testing with the classOf() function. Scene objects created as CV Curve shape objects in the 3ds Max user interface have the class CV_Curve.


NURBSNode ...

See Creating New NURBS Objects for details.


.angle ??? Float ? default: 0.0 -- animatable

The rotational position of the cross-section in the renderer.

.thickness ??? Float default: 1.0 -- animatable

Diameter of the rendered curve.

.sides ??? Float ? default: 12.0 -- animatable

Sets the number of sides for the curve mesh in the renderer. A value of 4 will give you a square cross section, for example.

.renderable?????Boolean ? default: true

When on, the curve is displayed in the rendered scene.

.mapCoords?????Boolean ? default: false

Turn this on to apply mapping coordinates. The U coordinate wraps once around the thickness of the curve; the V coordinate is mapped once along the length of the curve.

Additional Properties for CV curves are accessed through a NURBSSet descriptor object. See Working with NURBS for more details.

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