FootSteps : Matrix3 Controller

Footsteps : MAXWrapper {3011,0}


Class instances not creatable by MAXScript


= $'Bip01 Footsteps'.transform.controller


= $'Bip01 Footsteps'.controller


This controller is attached to the transform track of the named Biped footstep object.


.freeFormMode Boolean Default: False

false - Edit Footsteps

true - Edit Free Form (no physics)

.dispNumType Integer Default: 0

0 - Start and End Frame

1 - Start Frame

2 - Duration

3 - Double Support

.dispAirDur Boolean Default: False

Displays the foot air duration. This is the number of frames each foot is in the air in the lower part of each footstep's portion of the track.

.dispNoSupport Boolean Default: False

Displays the number of frames when both feet are off the ground, directly above the areas without footsteps.

.rootName String Default: Varies

Contains the root name of the Biped using the Foootsteps Controller. Changing the value of this property also changes the root name of the Biped.

<footsteps_ctrl>.rootNode Node Default: Varies -- Read-only

The root node (COM) of the Biped system this footstep_ctrl belongs to.

The following example will access the footstep controller, set several values and then display all of its properties.


fsCont = $'Bip01 Footsteps'.transform.controller

fsCont.freeFormMode = true

fsCont.dispNumType = 3

fsCont.dispAirDur = false

fsCont.dispNoSupport = false

showProperties fsCont

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