HeightMap : BakeElement

HeightMap - superclass: BakeElement; super-superclass:MAXWrapper - 11:0 - classID: #(1860721422, 0)

This BakeElement allows a height map to be baked.


This BakeElement is not creatable in Autodesk VIZ.


HeightMap ...


.autoSzOn BooleanClass default: false -- boolean; Auto_Size_On

Enable/Disable AutoSize.

.bitmap UndefinedClass default: undefined -- bitmap;

Get the bake element’s bitmap. This property cannot be set through MAXScript.

.elementName String default: "HeightMap" -- string

Get/Set the bake element’s name.

.enabled BooleanClass default: true -- boolean

Enable/Disable the bake element.

.fileName Filename default: "" -- string;

Get/Set the element’s output file name.

.filenameUnique BooleanClass default: false -- boolean; Filename_Unique

Enable/Disable unique file name generation.

.fileType Filename default: "" -- string;

Get/Set the bake element’s output file type.

.filterOn BooleanClass default: true -- boolean; FilteringOn

Enable/Disable filtering.

.outputSzX Integer default: 256 -- integer; output_width

Get/Set the output width.

.outputSzY Integer default: 256 -- integer; output_height

Get/Set the output height.

.targetMapSlotName String default: "" -- string;

Get/Set the name of the map slot where element output will be applied

See also

Interface: INodeBakeProperties

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