Interface: PViewItem



Returns the number of Particle View ParameterBlocks.

getPViewParamBlock index

Returns the indexed Particle View ParameterBlocks.

hasComments actionNode

Returns true when the supplied action node has comments.

getComments actionNode

Returns the comment of the specified action node as string.

setComments actionNode comments

Sets the comment of the specified action node to the supplied string.

Examples and Results:

ParticleFlow.openParticleView() --open Particle View to see results

ev = Event() --create an empty event

$Event:Event 02 @ [0.000000,0.000000,0.000000]

particleFlow.beginEdit() --Disable auto-event-encapsulation


bt = birth() --A Birth Action!

$Birth:Birth 01 @ [0.000000,0.000000,0.000000]

particleFlow.endEdit() --Enable auto-event-encapsulation


ev.appendAction bt --Insert the Birth in the Event

ev.numPViewParamBlocks() --Check the number of PBlocks


ev.hasComments bt --Check for comments - none


ev.setComments bt "Happy Birthday!" --Set a comment...


ev.getComments bt --...and read it back

"Happy Birthday!"

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