NURBSExtrudeSurface : NURBSSurface

This class defines a dependent Extrude surface. An Extrude surface is extruded from a curve sub-object. It is similar to a surface created with the Extrude modifier. The advantage is that an extrude sub-object is part of the NURBS model, so you can use it to construct other curve and surface sub-objects.


NURBSExtrudeSurface [:]...

Any of the object's properties may be set via optional keyword arguments on the constructor.



.parent : integer

The parent curve by NURBSet index.

.parentID : integer

The parent curve by NURBSId.

.distance : float

The length of extrusion.

.axisTM : matrix3

The extrusion axis.

.curveStartPoint : float

The start point on the parent curve. This value is only applicable if the curve is closed.

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