SubdivideSpacewarpModifier : SpacewarpModifier

subdivideSpacewarpModifier - superclass: SpacewarpModifier; super-superclass:MAXWrapper - classID: #(756131754, 213087256)


The SubdivideSpacewarpModifier provides procedural means for subdividing polygons for radiosity processing.


subdivideSpacewarpModifier ...


.manualUpdate Integer default: 1 -- integer; Manual_Update

Get/Set the Update mode of the modifier:

0 - Manual

1 - Automatic

2 - Render

.showAllTriangles Boolean default: true -- boolean; Show_All_Triangles

Get/Set the state of the "Display Subdivisions" checkbox. Controls whether to display the subdivision in the viewport or not.

.size Float default: 1.0 -- world units

Get/Set the Subdivision Size value.

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